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  • October 9 2017 - E.K from Seattle USA.   Coat arrived mid-morning. It looks and fits just right; and the color stands out from the millions of blue and black quilted jackets out there. My in-house stylist approved heartily. I'm looking forward to shopping your site again.  A size Large A.L Morton Man's Quilt
  • October 9 2017 - L.D Braintree, Essex. Hi Gary, The Jacket arrived on Saturday-very beautiful I must say & great fit also.Thank you for all your great efforts, much appreciated. (Floyd Men's Jacket)

  • "Thank you so much for your message. I got home just in time to sign for it and it's absolutely beautiful! Stunning design and a perfect fit!! " .....Jennywind 3/4 length quilt. Somerset 26 Sep.
  • September 25 2017. "Gary, got the replacement today, its great, thank you so much, exemplary service"  ...Mrs R from Oakham Rutland upon changing for a different size.
  • Sep 23rd 2017 "The quality of the jackets is unbelievable. So good to see that real quality and craftmanship still exists. Congratulations!"....AR from Atlanta Georgia. Ordered Men's Robin Hood and Women's Frige.
  • Sept 18th 2017 "The best ever company for their beautiful, individually designed jackets and their amazing customer service, AKA the owner of the Company. Just bought our 6th jacket! xxx" (a big fan!! from Lancashire)
  • Sept 6 2107. Mens Sir Thomas More - Navy XL sold in London                           "Gary, the jacket just arrived; what an absolute beauty. Fits like a glove and above all, it looks so stylish (even on me). I will be looking at more of your coats and jackets now for my wife and I for the winter. Many Thanks" 
  • Nov 14 2016 Mens Z46 Puck Quilt - Sold in Gloucestershire UK

    Hi Gary, The jacket was waiting for me when I got home on Friday night. It's great. I love it! You were right about the size - XL is correct and plain L would have been too small. I have been wearing it today and it already feels like a second skin. I'm impressed too at how warm it is, considering how lightweight it feels.Thanks again and I'll definitely pass on a recommendation.Best regards and good luck with everything. Tristan 

  • Nov 11 2016 Women's D6 Isolt - Sold in New York USA 

    Gorgeous You're an artist Long day More to follow Thanks

  • Nov 9 2016 Mens T6 Robin Hood - Sold in Cheshire UK

    "Hi Gary, Thanks for your message..my husband received his jacket today and is over the moon with it. I will post something on Facebook also and recommend your products, amazing quality" - Jo and Jonny :) 

  • Nov 7 2016 Mens T66 - Sold in Bath UK

    Hi, Gary, Jacket just delivered - second time lucky! VERY nice - very many thanks, Michael.

  • Nov 6 2016 Women's D15 trialed by wearer 






    Nov 06

    @EnglishUtopia It was blowing a gale and raining hard......little me was warm and dry! I LOVE this coat! ?❤

  • Oct 25 2016 Mens T72 Prufrock - Sold in Seattle USA

     Gary,The coat and great pair of socks arrived at our local post office two hours ago. The coat is beautiful and fits perfectly. Great color and design. The sock are the colors of my favorite football team! How did you know. I think if you are ever ready to go big in the USA that Orvis or Filson would be a good fit for your design. Anyway, thanks very much it was worth the wait. Cheers,Tim

  •  Sep 1 2016 Armeurie Jacquet - France We received the collection for our  shop today. We LOVE it - thank you