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Freya Double Layer Fur Fleece

English Utopia

Bored of wearing fleece? What else is there? Fur fleece. Ok it's not real fur but the handle is. Unbelievably soft and comfortable, the Freya is our 'comfort blanket' for you. Just slip into it and forget about feeling cold. It's much warmer than a fleece and is made from a highly technical fibre that mimics real fur by retaining body heat. What is more it's double layer. As I am sure you already know, most fleece (always think the plural should be flies) is single layer and Ok, there's a place for that, but if you want to be warm...in something that doesn't feel like a coat. The Freya just 'hugs' you. We only do it in this lovely rich brown with a scarlet red inner layer (same fabric) - did think about doing bright colours in it next year but have calmed down since.

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