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Frige Wool Casual

English Utopia

I would describe this as "a very useful garment". It's probably the most unusual Women's jacket in the collection. The fabric is a very soft 100% wool 'blanket' fabric, weight 450gm per sq m - In other words, a bit like a blanket! A thick and lofty one, the type that you have draped over that old chair in the corner! 

The jacket is unlined and the seams are beautiful finished internally with satin binding. Cuffs are trimmed with leather and it has a soft moleskin collar that is anti pilling. 

It's a great casual garment for when you don't need a waterproof jacket or coat. I'e those days when you're too warm with and too cold without! 

You should know that it's a great looking jacket, feels amazing and will bring out the eccentric in you!!

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