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Kelsher 'Vintaged' Luxury Pure Goose Down Jacket - Waterproof

English Utopia

There are down jackets and there are down jackets. We wanted to produce the best and one of the warmest Men's down jacket out there. Hours of research about how to do it and good design application

It's only our opinion but...

THIS is The Down Daddy. Vintaged nylon, heat reactive outer fabric. An amazingly technical fabric, it's marbled coating gives a fantastic vintage appearance. If you own a wax jacket that is older than 10 years you will know what I mean

The appearance together with the improved heat retention properties compared with the normal nylon fabric used for down jackets puts this jacket into a luxury category all on its own. If you feel your Goosedown jacket might occasionally need freshening up, simply hold a steam iron 20 cm from the jacket and the steam will return the fabric to a fresh pristine appearance for the cracking process to start all over again. It also has a waterproof coating and except for those times where you might be in driving rain for eight hours, It will keep you dry.  Importantly, it's 100% Pure Goose Down (most down jackets aren't) with 900 power fill (you can read about power fill independently of me telling you about it so that you are convinced) Soft, matt nylon lining. A truly wonderful experience when slipping this coat on. 

Detachable hood and beautiful suede and leather trim detail. 

2 Way Zip high quality antique brass

We think it might just be the warmest coat you've ever owned.  In fact we doubt whether there is a warmer down jacket with waterproof properties like this one on the market. 

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Type: Mens

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