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Lamia Dry Wax

English Utopia

Fully waterproof, breathable and windproof with a faux fur fleece lining. It is SO warm!.. You 'could' wear just this and still be warm. (We're not saying you should!?. It has a 2 way zip and a detachable hood too. If you saw this jacket we think you would agree that it stands out head and shoulders for quality and looks. 

Do you like the way a Wax Cotton jacket looks but not necessarily the handle or feel of it? We found this wonderful fabric being produced by a top Italian cotton mill and it has a wonderful handle. Until the last few years 'Dry Wax' - i.e, a wax jacket that you can put in a washing machine, never really looked like the real thing, but modern fnishing techniques give this jacket a superb luxury handle.

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