fa Lilla - Women's lightweight Wax Jacket - English Utopia

Lilla - Women's lightweight Wax Jacket

English Utopia

  • Lightweight 4oz Wax Cotton - from Halley Stevensons of Scotland
  • 100% Cotton multi coloured lining -soft Italian Poplin
  • Machine Washable
  • Soft Nubuck feel collar

Gary's Notes

If you like wearing wax jackets, this luxurious and beautifully made Spring Summer version is a comfortable addition to your wardrobe. No expense spared in the detail that we've added to this jacket. It has a nice lightweight feel and makes a great choice of jacket to take on your holidays or when you need something that will keep you dry but not leave you feeling overheated between March and September. Whilst it is in our spring summer collection, it makes a nice all year round addition. It's available in this fantastic Blue, but also Red and Olive and has a wonderfully colourful lining. blimey!

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