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Gary NewBoldThe company was started in 2012 by fashion designer Gary Newbold. He spent several years designing collections for well known luxury to high end brands that have a strong heritage going back into the 1800’s. He is the former head of design for Barbour and has freelanced for Ralph Lauren. His work has taken him all over the world and has included collaborations with Mongolian herdsman, Austrian olympic skiers and aristocratic signature brands.

His desire has been to create a luxury brand of clothes that find their origins in Englishness’ and the ‘English’ countryside. Think Elgar and the Malvern Hills. Or Wainwright and the Lake District. A part of this quest has been to spend an obsessive amount of time looking for the best fabrics in the world. Beautifully luxurious tweeds from Yorkshire, the best wax cotton that the British Isles has to offer and the near poetry and flair of Italian cottons. All of this combined into unique articles of clothing that you can enjoy for years.

These experiences have all been drawn together to tell a story …..English Utopia

The stated aim of English Utopia is “To reinterpret the traditional notion of what is meant by ‘Country Clothing’ and bring it to a wider audience”. The collections still appeal to people that ride, fish or shoot, but the brand and its clothes are not defined by those activities. The English countryside belongs to all of us and you don’t need a uniform to go there.

The company is based just outside the medieval city of York in the UK and the clothes draw inspiration in their designs from the beautiful North Yorkshire countryside. Please message us if you want to know more. It’s usually Gary that you’ll get on the other end as he likes to stay in touch with customers.

English Utopia – the belief of an accessible english ideal